Upland Farm Dressage

Boarding at Upland Farm

The quality care of your equine partner is our mission here at Upland Farm. We have 24hr
on site care to assure the health and safety of our horses.

Stall Board

$1350 / month

Horses enjoy ample turnout in a quiet, natural setting and oversized comfy stalls. Turn out schedule customized to your preferences.

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  • Stall in main barn
  • Turnout
  • Feeding
    • Grain twice daily
    • 6 flakes of coastal in slow feeders for 24 hr forage
    • 1 flake of alfalfa per day
    • Feeding of owner provided supplements
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Additional Services

  • Extra Alfalfa Flakes
    $45 / month
    per daily flake
  • Hauling
    $1.5 / mile
    Minimum $50 one way
  • Medications
    Market price
    As neeeded or requested
  • Blanketing
    $20 / Week I $80 / month
  • Special Grain
    Market price
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